How to prepare your home for a professional photoshoot

Preparing your home is key to ensuring that the professional photographer will take the best shots in the best possible light. Potential buyers should imagine living in the property. They must realize the potential of your home, just by looking at the pictures.

The real estate photos are seen by a number of potential buyers and consumers. So, your listing pictures should be as great as possible.

However, you can plan ahead and prepare your home for a professional photoshoot.

Here are some tips you can use while preparing your home for a shoot:

While preparing the outside of your house for the photoshoot, make sure that there are no wheelie bins near to your house. If there are, hide them from the sight of the photographer.

Inform your neighbors about the photoshoot and request them not to park their car in front of your home before and during the shoot. If you have a garage or a driveway, make sure there are no vehicles.

If you have a tiny garden and your children play there using large toys, such as a trampoline, clear out all the garden toys.

Do not forget to mow your lawn or garden. Get rid of grown shrubs, grass, and large bushes. If you can, invest in some beautiful pots and put flowers in them for an aesthetic view.

Clean all the debris and dirt from the decking

Inside of the home

Clean your house in the best way possible. Realtors often complain that homeowners overlook the importance of cleaning and it gives the buyers a wrong impression. When your home is being photographed, it is very easy to note stains and grubby marks on the carpet, floor or walls.

You can invite a friend over and ask him to look for any grubby marks that catch his attention. Try to get rid of those marks and stains.

Kitchens and bathrooms need to be as pristine and clean as possible. Clear out all the kitchen equipment, mop the floors, and always leave the toilet seat down.

De-clutter your kitchen as well as bedrooms and the lounge. Put away any unused item into the storage. For instance, if you have gym equipment, hide it somewhere into the storage. Create a spacious and airy environment for potential buyers.

There are many reflective surfaces such as windows, mirrors, or glass table-tops that need to be cleaned before a photo shoot. Anything shiny should be cleaned with a cleaning detergent.

Get rid of cobwebs and shut all the window blinds beforehand. Let the natural light illuminate your house. Great lighting means great real estate photographs.

Turn on all the lounge/hall lights to illuminate the shadowy and dark areas of your lounge.

If you have a canine friend in your home, make sure to put all of his belongings away. Not every buyer is pet-friendly.

There are many tips you can use to prepare your house before a real estate photo shoot. You could even browse home magazines and take inspiration from them!

“If you dont like where you are, Move you are not a tree”

-Christine Groves-

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