3 Reasons why you should be using floor plans in your property listings

3 Reasons why you should be using floor plans in your property listings

Buyers love floor plans. Floor plan photography helps your listings stand out in the crowd. Floor plans convert inquiries into viewings and then to sales. If you want to sell your property fast, using floor plant photography for your estate is the best bet. While many real estate photographers emphasize the importance of floor plan photography, many real estate agents still think it is not necessary. But why?

A massive 88% of people in a survey agreed that floor plans are essential when it comes to buying a property. 80% of the people think that floor should be a part of the listing for better sales.

Technically, a floor plan is not a necessity but neither are real estate photographs and descriptions. But, the descriptions, real estate and floor plan photography are attention-grabbing and convert viewings into qualified leads. They are every bit important as the real estate photographs of your residential/commercial photography.

Here are some reasons why you should consider floor plant photography for your property:

They help buyers visualize the property better

A recent research report suggests that one-third of buyers are least interested to inquire about a property if it has no floor plan. In addition to that, every 1 in 5 people ignore the listing and move forward to the next one, having a floor plan.

Floor plan photography shows the hidden aspects of the property that are difficult to see through descriptions and photos alone. For instance, a floor plan can help a buyer understand the measurements, storage space, and windows better.

Other than that, floor plans also display unique selling features of the house such as extensions and knock-throughs. In simpler words, floor plans contain all the information that a buyer needs to decide if the property is right for them or not.

Floor plans make a property memorable for the buyers

Yes, real estate photographs are one thing to make a listing stand out in the crowd but what about the future? Are your real estate photographs credible enough to stay in the buyer’s mind? You might be getting a good response at the moment from the buyers but when you ask them after a week or so, all they reply with is, ‘which property was that?’ It is not a good sign, for the sellers as well as the real estate agents.

House hunters look at multiple homes before deciding one for themselves. In such a situation, real estate photographs can easily get mixed up. However, including a floor plan in your listing helps to stick the property in your buyer’s mind.

A visual layout of the property you are selling is easier to sell as you’d be able to highlight important parameters of the property without hesitance.

Professional floor plan photography makes you a professional buyer

If your competitors are using floor plans in the listings, so should you. Even if they aren’t, adding them can give you a market advantage.

A well-designed floor plan can help you stay on top of other listings while securing you as a professional buyer or real estate agent.

Floor plan photography is an integral part to make your property listing significant and stand out in the market. However, only a professional photographer designs a strong floor plan portfolio for your property on sale.

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