How to make your real estate showcase stand out

How to make your real estate showcase stand out

Imagine yourself as a real estate agent. Now you will like to help people find out their dream home. How will you introduce them to potential properties?

Open houses aren’t the best option at all. They are timely, costly, and inconvenient for everyone. On top of that, not every visitor will put in an offer.

Best ways to showcase your property

The best way to let potential buyers know about your property is by reaching them online. It is going to be much more convenient for everyone now.

More than half of the buyers are finding their next house online. The convenience has increased but the competition has as well. Millions of houses are available for sale every single day.

You will have to use every trick in the book to make your showcase standout. There are several things you can do to make your property look the best in the market.

Virtual tours

This cutting-edge visualization technology creates an instant sense of ownership.

Making the client feel the owner of the place is most crucial to nudging them towards finalizing the real deal. Unlike watching a video, Virtual tours allow them to tour the house independently, at their own time and pace. This gives them a sense of autonomy and personal connection.

Floor plans

Floor plans give the complete information of the house structure, layout, and other bones.

A floor plan not only tells how many bedrooms and bathrooms the house has, but it tells the actual size and position of the rooms that can’t be known by photos. Aside from rooms the floor plan also indicates built-in features like wardrobes, kitchen units, and bathroom fittings.

Drone shots

Drones give the complete exterior view of the property. The view of the house from a drone can’t be seen even by a physical visit of the property unless you have a helicopter of course.

The drone can capture unique shots of the property that can’t be taken from any other source. A close-up bird’s eye view, a slow-zoom directly down the street, 360-degree panorama outside the house. All these were not possible before the drone.

Still 4k pictures

Homes with high-quality image photography are noticed to sell 32 percent faster.

It’s the photos that will make the client stop and look into more details of your property while he is scrolling through millions of listed houses

Twilight photography

Twilight photography is the photoshoot of your property’s exterior. Usually occurs at dusk.

It shows the property in different lighting that most clients haven’t seen when they are shopping for a new house. The appealing contrast between the warmth of the property lighting and the dark blue sky, makes your house stand out.

Stand out from the crowd

Standing out from the crowd is the most important thing when you want the top deal in no time.

Make the client available with as much material as possible. Hire a professional real estate photographer to create eye-grabbing virtual tours, drone shots, and twilight photographs.

Grabbing the attention of as many buyers as possible is the main aim here. This results in more interested buyers and thus more offers.

“If you dont like where you are, Move you are not a tree”

-Christine Groves-

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