About Pro 3D Tours

“With an eye for design and an attention to lighting and detail, Pro 3D Tours is a professional Real Estate Photography who has dedicated their career to documenting structures through clean and creative photography. This love for design and imagery combined with their experience and technical skills, is what makes this photographer stand out from the crowd. The philosophy behind their astounding success is a constant drive to improve their craft and expand their knowledge. In this industry, there is always something new to learn, and they make sure there’s a new lesson every single day”. 

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About Me

My name is Or Madar I am a real estate license agent in Las Vegas NV and a part of the Greater Las Vegas associations of Realtors

My Experience

I have been working in the Real estate field for the past 3 years, In 2018 I started working with many Investors from all over the world soon i realized that my investors are not always available to come and see the properties by themselves and i needed to provide them with the best showing experience possible

Pro 3D Tours

Pro 3D Tours was then Launched with the purpose of serving my own clients as the real estate industry in las vegas growed i realize that it is a very important to be able to sell properties and present any other business with the VR tours Technology, Pro 3D Tours since then helping support Realtors and Business owners from the Las Vegas area to brand and market their properties in a way they can overcome the physical distance and create a real connection to the city of Las Vegas.