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Drone Photography Las Vegas

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Drone services for real estate

Drone services are a fast catching business in the real estate ocean. It is easy to see why but before we get to the why of it, let us explain shortly how it is done. There isn’t a lot to explain here. The drone is a device, attached with high quality cameras to take aerial shots of the object
in focus. The most Hollywood example available to us is the scene from National treasure where they needed to read the engravings on the Statue of Liberty. If you remember, there was a remote control device used for it. That folks is what you call a drone. They do exactly what they are made for, provide one with high quality pictures of the estate that has to done business with.

drone photography las vegas

*3D virtual tours for your property

*Top of the line technology that gives you a huge advantage over your competition

*3D Photography

*Still 4K pictures

*Floor plans

*Drone services

*Same day service.

*Video editing and branding