Twilight photography

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Twilight photography At Las Vegas

Twilight photography refers to the photoshoot of the property’s exterior. It usually occurs at dusk. Twilight photos usually showcase and highlight the property’s pool lighting, outdoor lighting, and other features like fire pits.

Twilight photos are more likely to grab the buyer’s attention because they are way different than regular exterior property photos.

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twilight photography


According to most of the real estate photographers, twilight photos look cool and are used to hook the buyer’s attention but there are many hidden benefits of twilight photography such as:

They are aesthetic

Twilight photos give us a different vibe than regular real estate photos. Showcasing a beautiful sunset above the real estate property is the best way to drive the buyers’ attention.

They highlight the outdoor lighting

Visiting the property at daylight deprives the buyers of seeing its outdoor lighting. However, twilight photos mostly showcase the outdoor lighting that buyers usually don’t get to see. With twilight photography, you can easily showcase how cool the property looks at night.

Add value to the real estate property

They allow the sellers to bid a higher value for the property.

It brings more clients

It helps you to score more clients that only go for higher-end properties. With a few twilight photos, you can bring a huge crowd of buyers to your doorstep.

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